Weight Management for Pets

A tailored plan to help your dog or cat shed extra pounds and maintain a healthier weight.

Weight loss can be a challenging journey, especially for pets. It can feel overwhelming trying to determine the best ways to support them. Our veterinary team can support you by creating weight management plans that are specific to your pet with calorie adjustments and exercise regimens. We’ll also do regular check-ins to determine how we can support you.

When is my dog or cat considered overweight?

For most owners, it’s not as simple as looking at their pet to determine if they’re overweight. Believe it or not, pet obesity is more common than most people think. Over the past few years, dogs and cats have been gaining more weight, which can skew ideas about what an average weight might look like. When determining if your loyal companion is overweight, we assess their body composition as well as their weight relative to their life stage, overall health and more. Obesity can pose a range of risks to your dog or cat, making them more prone to health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and more. If you have questions about weight management, please contact us at 613-384-0986.

How can I help my dog or cat lose weight?

A weight management plan will explore specific steps you’ll need to take to support your dog or cat’s weight loss. For example, you’ll likely need to adjust the quality or type of food your pet eats. The caloric restriction allows them to get all the nutrients they need without overeating. You’ll need to measure their food, based on our guidelines, to determine how much they’ll need to eat. Following a specific feeding schedule will also help your dog/cat maintain new eating habits, reducing the likelihood of begging. Other tips for weight loss include:

  • Providing positive reinforcement and encouragement
  • Being patient at every weight loss stage
  • Getting everyone in your family on board with the weight management plan
  • Recognizing that weight loss is a lifestyle adjustment
  • Making the weight loss process fun and engaging
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