Veterinary Exam

Your dog or cat should have a veterinary exam at least once per year to assess their overall health.

A veterinary exam allows us to assess your dog or cat’s overall health, determining any necessary steps to support them. While adult pets should visit us at least once a year, puppies, kittens and seniors should visit us more often. To book their next appointment, please contact us at 613-384-0986.

Why do healthy dogs and cats need veterinary exams?

Veterinary exams are essential for your dog or cat, regardless of their current health. Even if they seem healthy, they could benefit from a thorough assessment from head to tail. By performing routine veterinary exams, we can establish a baseline for your dog or cat’s health. This allows us to distinguish between what is “normal” and when underlying health issues could be causing changes in their health. Diagnosing a health issue in its early stages vastly improves our ability to treat and address it. Your dog or cat could also benefit from recommendations that can enrich their health and well-being.

What aspects of my dog or cat’s health do you focus on in the appointment?

The goal of the veterinary exam is to better understand how your pet’s body is working, as well as any additional support they could benefit from. During the appointment, it’s helpful to share key information about their bowel movements, feeding schedule, exercise and more. This provides a better sense of their daily habits and what they’re like at home. You can also ask any questions or mention concerns you’ve had about your dog or cat. For example, this is a great opportunity to mention concerns about obesity or a sudden change in their eating or behavioural habits. We’ll also perform a physical examination that assesses the following:

  • Hearing and vision
  • Weight
  • Skin and coat
  • Mouth and teeth
  • Heart and lungs
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