Mobile Services (House Calls)

If you can’t come to us, our veterinary team can come to your home to support your dog or cat.

Our veterinary team is happy to bring our high-quality services to you and your beloved companion, in the comfort of your own home. The same level of veterinary care you experience in our hospital is what you can expect from our mobile services. To learn more about the services we offer for house calls, please contact us at 613-384-0986.

When do you make house calls?

Depending on your dog or cat’s needs, we can support their health by coming to your home. For example, if it’s unsafe to transport your pet to the hospital because of their medical status, we can visit to assess their needs and decide the best course of action for their care. For dogs or cats who are anxious in unfamiliar environments, house calls allow them to receive the medical care they need. It can also be more convenient for pet owners, depending on their schedules or proximity to our facilities.

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