Grooming services include a bath, nail trim, cleaning the coat, inspecting the fur and more.

Our grooming business, Are You a Dirty Dog?, is dedicated to keeping your dog in tip-top shape from head to tail. Our professionally trained groomers cultivate an anxiety-free environment where your dog experiences only the best techniques with safe products. Please contact our grooming team at 613-384-8255 for more information.

What grooming services do you offer?

We offer full-service grooming, based on breed standards or to your personal preference. This includes a bath, brush out, blow dry, haircut, style, nail trim & ear cleaning. All our high-quality products are chosen with your dog in mind, whether they have sensitive skin or need special medicated shampoos to treat skin issues. We cater our services to meet the needs of dogs of all sizes, from small to extra-large breeds. We even have special grooming packages for puppies, which include a bath, blow dry, nail trim, trimming of face, feet and sanitary area.

How should I care for my dog's skin at home?

Our grooming services offer a special at-home spa treatment that’s available for purchase at our store, Urban Paws. Our team is also happy to answer questions or provide recommendations on products that are safe to use at home. Some ways you can care for your dog in between grooming services include:

  • Brushing their coat regularly to prevent matting
  • Bathing to refresh and clean their skin
  • Brushing their teeth
  • Inspecting their coat for parasites or irregularities
  • Cleaning their ears and around their eyes
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