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Brushing your pet’s teeth regularly can stop periodontal disease and other oral complications.

Without proper dental care, your beloved companion could develop a range of harmful health issues. Periodontal or gum disease can cause inflamed gums, broken teeth and infections that could spread throughout the body. By having regular dental appointments, you’re not only protecting their oral health but also their overall health.

Why do I need to brush my dog or cat’s teeth?

Just like human teeth, plaque can quickly build up on the surface of your dog or cat’s teeth. Regular brushing helps remove it. When you first start brushing their teeth, it likely won’t be their favourite activity. However, it’s important to remain consistent so they can get used to the sensation. Though it can be tempting to use human products like toothpaste and toothbrushes, there are ones designed specifically for your dog/cat. Human toothpaste contains ingredients that could be harmful to them while dog/cat toothpaste comes in flavours like peanut butter that are more appealing to them.

Do they need professional cleanings if I brush their teeth?

Brushing your pet’s teeth is not a substitute for professional dental care. Though home care helps support healthy teeth between visits, it is not enough to ensure oral health. When your dog or cat visits us for an oral care appointment, we provide a type of cleaning that even your best brushing at home cannot achieve. We can remove hard-to-reach build-up below the gumline that could harden and cause periodontal disease or other complications. We’ll also examine the mouth, identifying and treating any potential issues before they worsen as well as providing preventive care. To book your dog/cat’s next appointment, please contact us at 613-384-0986.

Can dental treats support oral health?

If you have questions about a specific product, you can always ask our veterinary team for their expert opinion. You should closely review ingredients before giving anything to your dog or cat since some can do more harm than good. For example, treats that could be too hard on your pet’s teeth like natural or synthetic bones could cause damage. Closely monitor your pet when they’re eating dental treats because some could be a choking hazard.

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